Respecting Beliefs.

Ayahuasca Wisdom Keepers.

In today’s world we use the word Shaman in order to define the concept of a Traditional healer that works with Ayahuasca. However, it does not reflect who they are accurately. We use the term ”Shamanic” because we are trying to translate a concept that explains the work of emotion, energy through altered states of consciousness within an ancient tradition. As the fashion of Ayahuasca medicine started spreading fast, the concept of Shaman started installing itself in the Ayahuasca community. However, Shamanism is not what the work of Ayahuasca is truly about.

We have worked with different Amazonian tribes and traditions over the past 14 years. Today we are focused on working with female healers of the Shipibo-Conibo tribe. The reason why we choose to work with Female healers is quite simply because it feels safer to bridge the cultural gap with a woman to woman dynamic, when it comes to ceremony and healing. 

There is a lot of controversy about the term ”Shaman” in Amazonian healer traditions. We feel it is important to honor and respect how they want to be represented, and draw the line between working with our center, the role our center plays and the position and role the Healer takes in our center. Shipibo Tradition is a thousand year old ancestral culture. The wisdom keepers of the people live through as a connection to life, rather than a practice. The people who practice this thousand year old ancestral wisdom, live it day by day through their indigenous land, their plant, their relationship to community and all that is. The wisdom keepers, healers do not consider themselves to be Shamans. They are doctors of medicine, traditional Curanderos, traditional medicos, Ayahuasquero’s, men of Medicine and illumination. Spiritual guides in a Traditional sense and way. 

The word Shaman carries confusion in the world. Mostly because today Ayahuasca spreading very fast in this world. We are sharing and living through new times where non indigenous people drink medicine. Now everyone can and wants to drink ayahuasca. In the past, this did concept not exist. In the Shipibo tradition and Other traditions, the patient would not drink the medicine.

Only great masters would drink Ayahuasca. In order to work and protect the person, connect with nature, with illness, and work on cleaning the disease. The dis ease of the world, created through war within and war without.

The conflicting stand point Spiritplantjourneys holds is one where we believe that evolution happens within you. That if you can awaken, there will be no war. When you end the war within yourself. Using plant medicine, is one of the ways you can awaken. But when you work with traditional healers, you must respect their tradition. Even if you don’t share the same beliefs. 

Indigenous have dealt with illness and disease with Ayahuasca. Maestros would drink Ayahuasca in order to fight the changes of the new world affecting their communities. Today it is difficult to talk about Ayahuasca to the world. Because for many people Ayahuasca is a hallucinogenic plant. But for Indigenous people it is a transmission of knowledge from generation to generation. It isn’t a hallucinogenic plant and it is not a drug. It is a thousand year old plant that has been created at the time of the universe. We are the wisdom keepers. 

We deserve respect and consideration in the scientific world, in the Western world as much as science and researchers do. Everyone holds knowledge. 

In the past, our towns have had ancestral wisdom and ancestral practices that science has ignored. It is a sad reality because we work with people’s health. We are stepping into a new time where people need healing and need help through our plants. We open our minds to this new era, and we are happy to open up to this new time. 

So many white westerners and non-indigenous find the path of medicine with this Sacred plant called Ayahuasca or Uni. It is important we weave our worlds together in a respectful way. 

The human ignorance has done a lot of damage. A lot of Westerners have come and taken our wisdom, our resources and industrialized them. Our plants, our land, and without this we don’t have life. This is the awareness we need you to have, that this for us is as important for our healing. 

How Spiritplantjourneys plays a role.

Spirit Plant Journeys is a healing retreat center that is focused on helping humanity’s evolution of consciousness through connection with different tools within the Spirit Plant realms available on planet earth today, in the most respectful way we possibly can. Giving an opportunity for humanity to meet in this new time of awakening through Sacred Medicine.  

Our organization does not represent the Shamanic traditions with whom we work. Our organization provides a safe space for you to come and experience the journey directly with the healers, as one of our many services. Our focus is on awakening, healing an opening up. We provide much more than ceremony. We provide a safe retreat space where you are taken care of, and can experience different spiritual practices, healing modalities, methods that help you open your consciousness, your perception and find your way inwards. 

Spiritplantjourneys is an organization that provides you with tools toward self awakening. Ayahuasca is one of the tools that is being provided. The way we do this is through tradition and the people of the medicine. Respecting and honoring their tradition. Spiritplantjourneys does not reflect the beliefs of this tradition but rather provides a safe space for you to meet and understand the traditional ancestral medicinal practices, without having to subscribe to its reality. This is the paradox we hold. We believe that if we were here to convince you that Ayahuasca is the only tool, and how to use it, we would be nothing less than a cult. We ask you to keep an open mind to our organization and the way in which we work. This is a co-creation. We don’t need to 

When you come and work  on one of our journeys, you work with your own consciousness. Providing the set and setting for this to happen safely, is often a matter of undoing, rather than doing. The activities we choose to implement and practice on retreat are chosen in such a way that they do not interfere with your beliefs or necessarily bring you any new beliefs to the table. Our workshops are about coming into relationship with a Sacred plant that will work with the depths of your consciousness, body, mind and heart.

We believe that context, preparation and a firm grasp on the reality and the dark side of Ayahuasca is part of developing a relationship and taking advantage of what this beautiful ancestral medicine can give us.

Spiritplantjourneys has worked with many different Spiritual teachers. Good, bad and ugly.  We have specialized and focused on Ayahuasca healing journeys for 14 years. Ayahuasca has been one of the most direct, and effective tools towards self awakening self expansion and healing.

Our focus at Spirit Plant journeys is to provide you with certain , and bring you access towards the teachings of self expansion and integration through direct, honest and straight forward communication about what this work can be about. We don’t believe that because you work with a certain tool or tribe, you must follow their beliefs. However, it is important to respect, understand and honor their Sacred Science, if you are about to work with them. And know what you don’t know. Know that you don’t know. What the medicine shakes open within us needs to be integrated. The truth is that you can not follow the path of the indigenous teachings entirely. You would have to quite literally move away from the materialistic world you life in, your job family, loved ones. So how do you integrate?

How do you integrate a consciousness expanding experience from such a powerful tradition and medicine into your daily life. Without subscribing to another culture’s reality, but by finding your own values and your own connections to truth within yourself. 

Western culture doesn’t have a rite of passage into spirituality, divinity. We have many gurus, healers, spiritual teachers, and belief systems. The beauty about plant medicine is that it quite literally speaks directly to your soul and gives you the responsibility to open up to your healing process. 

How we weave from Respecting tradition to respecting the healer you are in your environment, with your truth.

There is no one size fits all. The only way is by providing a platform for integration work and different modalities., resources and our humble opinion on the unregulated, uncentered, wild, absurd current spiritual scene & industry. 

Let’s be honest, providing you with all the integration work on a retreat woudl just be another way of brainwashing you into coming back and giving your power away to healers who will always tell you that you have more dark energies to work on. 

You can also use this medicine with respect and honor, understand perceptual realities and address yours, accoerding to your needs.

As a small organization, we can not save the planet, and protect indigenous rights, and plant trees, invest in reforestation etc. and focus on your healing at the same time. So here is how we are helping the best way we can and keeping the door open for more help and awareness to come in. We have been offering direct support to the people and community we work with. This covid era made us want to help on a bigger scale, so we are currently looking for ways in which we can partner and weave together those in need. You might need healing, but the healers we work with need running water and a clean forest. Here is how we can change. In short, we can change the world by either raising consciousness or raising funds. You can choose whichever part you would rather be part of. We don’t judge.