Shadow work, is the work that is required for you to find light.

Spiritplantjourneys is a pioneering Ayahuasca Healing Center. Devoted to consciousness expansion towards self-healing and self awakening. Providing the tools for your awakening through Rapid Shifting workshops, and Plant medicine ceremonies led by female Healers from the Shipibo-Conibo tribe. Our workshops are designed for you to learn rapid shifting Rituals, and be guided towards consciousness expansion, in a way so you can help and heal yourself. Our intention is for you to align with your own power. Your own truth, in love, so you can find healing within, and keep transforming this world, in all authenticity, truth, and devotion within yourself.  

Our Upcoming retreat will be in February 2021.

We have 5 spaces open for our February retreat.  Register below for a Pre-registration screening Call.