History, Renaissance & Tradition.

At the origin.

Ayahuasca is a Sacred plant medicine that has been used in ceremonial context for thousands of years. There is no real record of when it was first used, the first ceremonial cup was found in Ecuador about 2500 years ago. Different tribes tell different stories of how people initially started working with this medicine. Traditionally within the indigenous communities, Ayahuasca was used for healing and divination. Predicting the future, protecting the tribes. The tradition and rituals were passed on from generation to generations of healers.

Traditionally, the healer drank the brew and the patient didn’t. The healers would sit in ceremony and be healed by the Maestro or Maestra, without
having to drink the plant. Through those ceremonies, the healer would diagnose the patient and receive information about how to cure the roots of the illness in the patient, what plants to use and how to help them. Indigenous tribes and Mestizo shamans throughout the Peru, Brazil, Ecuador and Colombia work in different ways. Every country and tradition has a different name fo Ayahuasca, some call it Caapi, Yage, Ayahuasca. About 75 diffferenttribes use Ayahuasca still today.

Ayahuasca Renaissance.


In a world where we feel disconnection and live through the repercussions of everything that has come before us, we return to Shamanic healing. Shamanism has been practiced for over 80 000 years. From Australia to Peru. Human beings have used Shamanic practices to connect with the sacred realms and transcend to altered states of perception in order to connect within and with everything that is. Today Shamanic practices are giving birth to a new era of spirituality. We no longer function the ancient way. We work with ancient tradition, and as it evolves with us, we become our own healer. We strive towards our own awakening, respecting the tradition and learning to meet its needs. 

We have seen Ayahuasca trends grow so fast over the past decade. We feel the calling to be transparent and honest about what this beautiful medicine can bring to your life and use our voice to reach your heart. 

The truth is, running an Ayahuasca retreat is more than working with a Shaman. It feels like understanding two cultures and parallel realities and bringing those together in 1 place. Whilst trying to help both sides with very different needs.

The ‘system’ is built on repercussions of the past colons of this country. Which does not work in their favor, but in yours. How do we face this truth, and use our privilege in both our favors? Real Spirituality is the integration of love into our actions. Love is taking someone’s best interest as yours, and meeting the needs they have. Love is listening to one and other. We need to start listening to what people need, instead of giving them what we think they need and destroy them with good intention. 

One of our main concerns and challenges regarding the fast growing popularity of Ayahuasca in Western cultures, is the abuse of power, and appropriation of a tradition, medicine, ritual and culture that holds fundamentally different values, belief-systems and cultural differences in comparison to the ones that are embedded in Western culture.

This is a country that is already loosing touch with land, human rights, culture and tradition because of its past. This retreat can not focus on healing you and healing the world too. We have to start and contribute somewhere.

A first step is to spread awareness, become conscious of the reality of this might contribute to your healing. This is about opening your heart to love, to truth, to reality, to life. This is about finding your purpose? 

We are not asking you to save amazon, but to open your eyes as part of your awakening journey and healing. Learning about the different realities that can live in parallel, and opening your eyes to the cultural differences and differences in perceptual reality is a crucial step in healing work.

To be truly open minded, is to open your mind further than what you believe is right or wrong. True or false and to understand your values don’t override someone else’s, we believe they can live together if we are open to listen, share and love. 

Many of us are searching for our place in the world. Searching to heal ourself, to make this world a better place. This, is an opportunity for you to do so. Without fluff, without arrogance of the West intellectualizing spirituality, but with truth. By tuning in with your human self.

We all carry guilt, what connects us beneath and beyond culture is our humanity. This work is human work. How human is the Shaman that helps you through the night? How human are you when you return home and help your loved ones?

This work is for Humanity. Humanity is you, and it is also the Shamans and the non Shamans who need help in the jungle. 

We decided, after a decade of providing community support to schools, orphenage and families that the most substantial, significant help we can help is by directly supporting organizations that are focused on reforestation, planting Ayahuasca and supporting the Indigenous communities of Peru as a whole. 

We decided to use our platform as a voice for those who are silenced. As an entree point for those who want to come and volunteer, help or donate. 

People of the amazon need more rights and support. Women need help, the Amazon needs reforestation, Ayahuasca needs to be planted, people need to become aware and start connecting with the concept of connection in a deeper way. 

We are not asking you to focus on ”saving” those in need. We are asking you to be aware of what it means to come and use such a powerful medicine, if it helps you, we are asking you to be conscious of giving back to those who devote their lives to helping and sharing their culture and medicine with you. Even though their needs look very different than yours and aren’t being met with finances only. 

The world is full of inconvenient truths, we hope that we can be more human and help one and other where needed.