Activate your Human potential, you have many things to do in this world.

There are no false notes, only a redirect that for your next move.

One of the main reasons most beings don’t develop their fullest human potential is blockages. It doesn’t matter how bad you want something, if every day towards achieving it there is friction, obstacles and blockages, you will develop an aversion to the goal, or go to war with yourself. Most of us have neglected the possibility and potential we have, simply because we never dealt with the friction. We reacted, against or gave in.

The art of the snake is in the adaptation. When we encounter a block, we respond with a block. Creating more friction. The Art of human expansion through manifestation in the physical, is to change our relationship towards what is. The only way to change our relationship towards what is, is in full honesty towards the self. The inner sovereign self. Through full devotion and acceptance, you will unlock the portal to the sovereign self. This process does not happen through the mind. The mind supports the process. However, if the mind only leads the process of adaptation, it will lead itself to delusion and madness. 

You are a sentient being. You are a being of feeling. Feeling beyond emotion. Your bodies hold the keys to infinite possibilities. When we encounter negative emotion, we adjust our lives, and make it very small. It hurts our heart. The heart affects our thinking. The thinking how we choose to act and one day, we wake up believing that all we were was our thoughts and emotional reactions. And then, time’s up.Be the Snake. The snake sheds the skin that no longer serves. The snake slides through, under and above. The Snake doesn’t make himself smaller. The Snake does changes path, but maintains direction. This, is alignment with purpose. When you know your purpose, every step and every mistake is an adaptation that brings you closer to purpose. Practice the Art of devotion. Adapt in love. Fail in love, succeed in love. Hurt and fall in love.

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