Ayahuasca Origin.

Ayahuasca is a Sacred plant medicine that has been used in ceremonial context for thousands of years. The first ceremonial cup was found in Ecuador about 2500 years ago.  Within the indigenous communities, Ayahuasca was used for healing and divination. Predicting the future, protecting the tribes.  There is no written record of when it was first used.  Depending on the tribe you work with, the origin story changes. Indigenous tribes and Mestizo shamans throughout the Peru, Brazil, Ecuador and Colombia work in different ways. Every country and tradition has a different name for Ayahuasca, some call it Caapi, Yage, Ayahuasca. About 75 different tribes use Ayahuasca still today.  There is no significant written record about the history of Ayahuasca. At least not by anyone but the 16th century Spanish conquistadores. Before that, any record was passed on through memory and medicine, the history is passed on from tribe to tribe, healer to healer. Traditionally the healer drank the brew, not the patient . The patient would sit in ceremony and be healed by the Maestro or Maestra, without having to drink the plant. Through those ceremonies, the healer would diagnose the patient and receive information about how to cure the roots of the illness in the patient. Today, Ayahuasca is going through a new phase, one where the healers share their medicine with non-tribal members. One where the patient drinks in order to meet the healer in the altered states of perception. Westerners do not share the same belief-systems and cultures, as the Wisdom keepers of Ayahuasca. In order for the healing to be effective within the context of 9 or 10 short days, we must drink the medicine. In order for you to understand and see with your own eyes, what is happening inside of you. As globalization takes place, ancient medicine keepers are changing the context of ritual, so you can benefit from their Sacred Medicine. Fully aware that the world needs help, in order to stop destroying itself. For the love of Humanity.

Sacred Rite.

Current society is not providing a rite of passage into ”emotional adulthood” or let alone the tools for you to grow, take ownership or address your life in a Sacred way.  Working with ancient tradition does not mean you need to subscribe to their beliefs. Neither does it mean that they hold answers to your question. It means having the ability to sustain, acknowledge two parallel perceptual realities without judging one of the other as better or worse. No matter your background, culture or color, looking to reconnect with what we are disconnected from is often one of the first step towards self-actualization. This globalized world came at a cost. Let’s heal the world from the violence through which it was forged.