Shadow work changed me at a soul-level.

Thousands of people went through our programs for the past decade.
Deep generational reset, trauma healing, and awakening.
In a nutshell, It changed their lives.

Discover the simplicity behind Shadow work, so you can apply it to your life and change step by step. decades of experience with shamanic healing, we are sharing the sacred space by holding sessions for you with exercises, teachings and guided processes, so you can change your life for the better. 

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Shadow work is learning how to listen to the wound that asks for your attention. It’s hearing the places that need more of your self love. It’s that pattern you recognize and can’t seem to break with your mind. It’s the lesson that repeat itself. The cycle that wants shifting. Beliefs that want to be changed. Negative thoughts that live rent free, in your head.  Shadow work is the real life work that brings on the deepest transformation possible in a human being.

You can drink as much Ayahuasca as you want. If what you need is real life shifting, you are going to need the tools to navigate your own consciousness. Learn from 14 years of Experience working with Ayahuasca in the most ancient Shamanic traditions. We developed sessions, content, community on how to achieve self mastery so you can take charge of your own healing path in a real and grounded way. Step by step, towards finding your joy, releasing negative beliefs, transforming your approach and relationship to yourself and life. 

Pre-Launch Online Program.
Shadow work
& how to tune into your energy systems to navigate Shamanic realms.

We see one thing thousands of guests have in common, they all want to come back. Now you could say this is a good thing. However, our goal is for you to integrate spirituality in such a way, everything you use becomes segundary to your healing process.
Learning the actual tools, approaches and ways to shift yourself is the most powerful way of healing yourself.

What you get from the Online private Program.

Uplift, Heal, Awaken Humanity.
The revolution starts within. ™

We hope to create a kind community.
Sharing our stories helps us feel connected, less alienated and more honest about our own shadow process. With special love for challenging concepts, taboo's & paradoxical truths, we invite you to contact us with your story.
No matter what you experienced with spirituality, healing and shamanism.
Give us the Good, the bad and the ugly.
We believe all of us are healers, and all of us hold teachings.

This is the Spiritual path of awakening. Keep reading if you feel ready to take your journey to the next level.

Our retreats, Sessions and programs will help you.

Spiritual Transformation = heal your pain and turn it into a teaching that serves your SPIRITUAL GROWTH

SHADOW WORK is the most direct journey to SPIRITUAL EMBODIMENT. Once you start feeling the powerful results of Shadow work, there is no bypassing or avoiding needed anymore. A whole new way of being opens up in your life. Consciousness work is everything.

It's nice to be guided, and have someone to share the journey with.
To have personal mentors and experienced healers who can help us reconnect within. We have gathered our best teachers, mentors, fellow healers, we met in the past 14 years and have brought them together in one place.

Everyone on the team has experience with plant medicine, and there is enough choice for you to see what resonates with you and choose who to work with. If you want to be altered when our program registrations open, we invite you to subscribe below.

Decades of experience, sessions that help you Reconnect within. Because private guidance has more impact. So you can navigate the invisible realms, grounded.
And create actual significant change in your life. Spiritual integration needs to be grounded.

Guided, by our most experienced facilitators, mentors, teachers who will guide you through private healing sessions & journeys. Do you feel:

about shadow work & energy work.

And create actual significant change in your life

If you feel..

There is always this wound that reveals itself in a situation,
and asks for your attention.
There are more places that need your love, care and connection.
There are always more lessons that need to be integrated.
There are Cycles that need shifting.
Beliefs that want to be changed.

Unable to find Spirituality that works for you.
Stuck and blocked in life.
Negative thoughts consume your mind.
You find it difficult to manifest.
Don't understand Shadow work?
Don't know how to connect with yourself? find your truth.
We have served as the bridge between you and Shamanic realms for more than a decade.
Spiritual evolution needs you to evolve. Ayahuasca is powerful, but it is not a ''quick fix''. . THE FAST GROWING TREND OF AYAHUASCA IS CREATING A LOT OF CONFUSION, FALSE EXPECTATION, ABUSE AND STIGMA AROUND THE TRADITION AND RITUALISTIC USE. we want to open the dialogue about spirituality, healing, tradition and the evolution of human consciousness through altered states.feel free to send us a dm if you have any questions.

We do not claim to provide any cure for mental health conditions or illness. if you are in distress, or suffer from any mental health condition, please consult your medical doctor.
We believe human beings are multi-dimensional spiritual beings, and are capable of miracles.
This puts our work in the line of spirituality, because there is no scientific evidence to prove our content is real. Unless you make it real. Then you become living proof.
we hope that our content will inspire you to think outside the box or be moved.

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Spiritplantjourneys, co-creating reality with you.

Uplift, Heal, Awaken Humanity.
The revolution starts within. ™